Enterprise level, scalable, complete, fast, and effective, Nova-PACS is everything you need in a PACS. It’s also an easy way to go from film to digital, send and manage images over the hospital network and the web, and provide for all your radiology and hospital imaging needs. What’s more, NovaPACS is remarkably affordable and financing can be tailored to fit your hospital or imaging center requirements.

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A complete, feature-rich patient information system designed for radiology and departments and imaging centers, NovaRIS is fast, friendly and affordable. It includes specialized work lists and interfaces for administration, technologists, radiologists, transcriptionists and even the billing department. Generate reports, analyze exams, measure profitability, and even bill insurance companies. NovaRIS helps you do it.

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Connecting Disparate Silos of Health Information

Medicom connects disparate silos of health information so that they can be easily and securely searched and shared. Medicom has created the first federated health information architecture: A powerful platform that connects disparate data silos through a single interface.

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