Molecular imaging solutions with no compromise for every patient. Every time.This versatile system combines high performance PET and CT imaging for all Radiology, Oncology and Radiation Oncology needs.

Providing a unique total cost of ownership solution for healthcare providers.

Industry’s Largest Bore

90 cm CT bore for an improved patient experience and better access for Oncology planning and therapy devices.

  • 90 cm CT bore
  • 88 cm PET bore

Overcome the disadvantages of a 50 cm field of view.

  • 70 cm True Scan FOV, CT
  • 70 cm PET FOV

Imaging speed and diagnostic accuracy

Optimal speed and image resolution for better lesion detection and localization.


  • 88 cm PET bore
  • 196 mm A-FOV
  • 1792 mm Scan range
  • 450 ps TOF PET imaging


  • 90 cm CT bore
  • 70 cm true FOV
  • 0.5 mm x 16 detector rows
  • 32 slice coneXact reconstruction
  • 1800 mm Scan range
  • AIDR 3D, dose reduction
  • NEMA XR29 compliant