CT scanners are designed for patient’s safety and satisfaction. Advanced technologies and ergonomics are standard on every configuration. State-of-the-art capabilities are readily available for scanning the widest range of patients—from pediatric to bariatric. Industry-leading, automated dose reduction capabilities improve patient safety and increase quality of care.

Aquilion ONE Prism Edition

Innovate. Illuminate. Initiate.

Combining the power of Deep Learning Spectral Reconstruction with our Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE), we have created a CT system that is designed for deep intelligence. By seamlessly integrating AI, you can now access the tools you need to automate your workflows, while capturing vital diagnostic information that will help define your patient's medical care journey.

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Aquilion ONE Genesis Edition

Transforming CT

Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition goes beyond the evolution of dynamic volume CT. Intensive, clinically focused research and innovative technological developments have culminated in a CT system with 16 cm z-axis coverage at 0.5 mm resolution and reduced radiation dose requirements

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Aquilion Precision

Provides More than Twice the Resolution of Today’s CT Systems

The world's first Ultra-High Resolution CT (UHR CT) capable of resolving anatomy as small as 150 microns, providing CT image quality with resolution typically seen only in cath labs. The UHR detector is newly designed to provide more than twice the resolution when compared with today’s CT technology, with an all-new detector as well as tube, gantry and reconstruction technologies.

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Aquilion Prime SP

Complete Clinical Capability.

From fast patient throughput to robust cardiac scanning and new diagnostic capabilities, the new Aquilion Prime SP is a CT system of choice for all your imaging needs. Built with premium technology migrated straight from our high-end CT, Aquilion Prime SP empowers your facility to handle all patients from pediatric to bariatric, even the most challenging cases, while providing all staff with a fast and efficient solution to make their work easy.

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Aquilion LB

See the bigger picture with the largest true field-of-view

Designed to expand the dimensions of CT, Aquilion™ LB combines Canon Medical Systems' award winning CT technologies with the advantages of a large bore platform. Aquilion LB provides a true 70 cm field-of-view (FOV) acquisition, covering more anatomy with greater accuracy than ever before.

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