The C-Arm is a mobile x-ray unit obtaining its name from the configuration of the machine. Unlike the diagnostic portable x-ray machine, the C-Arm provides Physicians the flexibility to deliver imaging in minimally invasive procedures, or various O.R. settings with live images in real time. Advanced technology has given us the capabilities to provide high resolution imaging with lower dose rates, allowing physicians to better visualize progress during procedures all while using the c-arm.

Ziehm Vision RFD 3D


Healthcare providers are challenged to cut costs, meet the needs of an aging demographic, improve the accuracy of clinical outcomes and reduce X-ray exposure during surgical procedures. The answer - led by the Ziehm Vision RFD 3D - lies in balancing cost efficiency with improved patient care, shorter hospital stays and less-invasive approaches. This groundbreaking mobile 3D C-arm helps to improve surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction while optimizing costs. Building on more than a decade of experience in 3D imaging, the Ziehm Vision RFD 3D features cutting-edge CMOS technology, bundling 2D and 3D functionality for greater intraoperative control, reducing the need for postoperative CT scans, and costly corrective surgeries. This is now changed to include this

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Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition


An aging population is creating an increasing demand for cardiovascular surgery. The Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition1 is a powerful 25 kW mobile C-arm that comes with CMOS technology for even better image quality in challenging procedures such as these. By taking OR flexibility and clinical capabilities to the next level, The Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition is a valuable contribution to any clinic's competitiveness and financial performance. Requiring zero modifications to existing ORs, this mobile, feature-rich hybrid solution is ready to go - anytime, anywhere.

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Ziehm Vision RFD


The treatment of cardiovascular and degenerative musculoskeletal conditions calls for high-performance intraoperative imaging technologies. Incorporating the latest CMOS technology for excellent image quality, the Ziehm Vision RFD is the ideal product. In addition to the cardiovascular-focused 20.5 cm x 20.5 cm flat-panel version, the Ziehm Vision RFD is available with a 31 cm x 31 cm CMOS flat-panel detector. This is the preferred model for highly demanding orthopedic, trauma or cardiovascular interventions that require more information in one image. Both systems are equipped with a powerful generator for optimum penetration, Advanced Active Cooling to enable longer procedures and an intuitive operating concept for high clinical standards.

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Ziehm Solo FD


The size of hospital and surgery center ORs decreases and equipment quantity rises. Further the demand for imaging systems with smaller footprints is growing. With its all-in-one design, the Ziehm Solo FD is one of the most compact C-arms for even the smallest treatment scenarios on the market. Ziehm Solo FD is equipped with the latest flat-panel technology called CMOS - to perform a broad portfolio of applications like Orthopedics, Trauma and Pain Management. Versatile viewing options and new dimensions in user friendliness offer maximum flexibility in the OR to support your clinical workflow. With the latest improvements in SmartDose5, the Ziehm Solo FD ensures best image quality at minimized dose.

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Ziehm Solo


Thanks to the integrated monitor, this C-arm is one of the most compact and versatile on the market. The Ziehm Solo is especially designed for crowded treatment scenarios in pain management, orthopedics and other applications. As an option, the Ziehm Solo can be easily supplemented with a Ziehm Viewing Station and ceiling or wall-mounted monitors. It is also available as a portable option for field operations.

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OrthoScan TAU

Blur the lines between mini and full size C-arms.

See more with the largest monitor and detector ever available on a mini C-arm. Reach new patients with first-in-class pediatric indication. Work safer with pulsed fluoroscopy and other dose-saving features.

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